Our mission is to bring success to our clients, associates and the communities we work within

Amazing Spaces


Our focus is on expanding the possibilities of retail, leisure, residential and work space

While our early reputation was made in the retail sector, our successful methodologies, managements systems and goal-oriented approach are now challenging how projects are delivered in a future where retail, leisure, residential and work space overlap and come together.

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Our Approach

We achieve successful outcomes by beginning with the goal in mind

Projects run more smoothly when every stakeholder knows what success looks like, and keeps it in mind at all times. It is this relentlessly focused approach that sets Future Projects apart..

Our main approach?
To start with the future.

As project management specialists, we know that the best way to achieve success is to focus on the end goal from the outset.

We do this first and foremost by kick-starting every new client relationship with a series of Discovery Workshops.

This is when we listen to your needs, aspirations and pain points: to inform our understanding of what you want the future to look like.

It also ensures that we capture all project-critical information at the earliest opportunity, which is even more crucial if we haven’t been involved from a project’s inception.

Above all, this goal-oriented approach eliminates the risk of misunderstanding the status of key tasks, and critically, the reasons any project exists: your business need.

Our framework?
Robust, but flexible.

A solid framework is essential to the success of every project. So we have spent many years building and refining a framework of controls and safeguards that we call the FP Method.

Once we understand what the future should look like, we use this to create a map of how to get us all there together.

In doing so, our team cherry-picks from a suite of future-oriented tools and technologies: including the creation of Digital Twins and the use of VR headsets.

This Digital First mindset ensures that you are always in the loop, with the ability to view project progress on any device, from anywhere in the world.

Having said that, our technology is always underpinned by creativity. We collaborate with a broad range of talented people, including theatre set designers, to bring spaces alive in unique and imaginative ways.

So while the FP Method is built on solid foundations, it can also flex to meet your business goals: simply because our Project Team begins every project with a clear understanding of what you want to achieve.

In short, our experience means you can concentrate on your portfolio while we manage the project details.

Our Promise?
To Be There When You Need Us.

Any number of ad hoc issues can arise when you’re between major projects.

That’s why – as a challenger brand in our industry – we have taken the radical step of providing a subscription-based payment model that offers you an Always On project management service.

Not only does this mean ease of budgeting and cost-certainty when it comes to the fees you pay, it means that we are on call whenever you need us.

We are here to provide pro-active support and the advice you need in every eventuality.

Because in the quest to create amazing spaces you don’t simply need a project management service, you need a partner you can call on whenever you need them.


A Few Words About Our Past

While our focus is always on the future – of our clients and ourselves – it’s important to understand that we have a pretty substantial backstory too.

We founded the business in 2011 as the first project management consultancy focused entirely on retail projects. Working in the retail sector, our tenacity and agility has been harnessed by numerous retail clients to deliver engaging and innovative retail spaces.

Yet while our scope has broadened to encompass other sectors, the lessons learned in the dynamic retail landscape continue to inform everything we do.

By applying our experience to residential, work space and leisure, we are able to cross-pollinate what works in one area to reimagine spaces and experiences in others.


To bring success to our clients, associates and the communities we work within.


Bring value to our clients by challenging our people and partners to grow and become more skilled and confident.


Ensuring our Team get the right results by following the right process: reducing long-term costs and improving quality.

Problem Solving

Continuously solving root problems by challenging convention to find new ways of doing things.

By measuring everything we do against these pillars – and by beginning every relationship with a series of Discovery Workshops – we are able to ensure that every milestone and every key business goal is met; time after time.

The Team


We consistently deliver quality in challenging environments. At Future Projects, we don’t accept the status quo - our company philosophy and our approach drives us to challenge what is possible.

Founder and Managing Director

An organiser and innovator, Paul’s future focused approach is coupled with a wealth of specialist knowledge and hands-on experience. While his BSc (Hons) in Quantity Surveying forms the basis of his commercial awareness, it has been considerably enhanced by a 30-year career in the construction industry.

Importantly, his first-hand knowledge of managing the most challenging remodelling and refurbishment projects within live environments is matched with an ability to appreciate the needs of the end users during the construction of new spaces

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Associate Director

Sam’s broad construction experience includes 10 years spent managing fit-out projects and roll-out programmes for High Street Retailers. As Senior Project Manager at Firmingers LLP, she was responsible for managing new build and refurbishment projects across the UK for retail, public and private sector clients.

Her value to our clients is further enhanced by the diversity of the roles she has performed, which include Project Architect, Contract Administrator, Asset & Cost Manager and Building Surveyor.

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Senior Project Manager

An architect with experience in multiple sectors including retail, airports, workspace fit-out and interior design, Jodey’s experience includes managing projects as diverse as Abu Dhabi International Airport, The Cleveland Clinic and multiple retail store rollouts.

Above all, her experience as a Project Architect and Project Manager gives her both understanding and precise control of design, project and construction management, and an eye for quality and finish that is the hallmark of all our projects.

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Projects Administrator

Lucy has gained a wealth of experience within the construction industry over the last 25 years. This is underpinned by a background in Quantity surveying and Project Management gained at Gardiner and Theobald.

This essential grounding ensures that Lucy has all the skills and in-depth understanding necessary to support our team in the field. She is continually developing our systems to ensure that the team on site can focus on the job at hand rather than the administration that makes their work possible.

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Founder and Managing Director

Associate Director

Senior Project Manager

Projects Administrator