Welcome to the Future

August 26th, 2020

Paul Tattum

We are so excited to announce what has been happening recently at Future Projects. 

We never stand still, and the opportunity afforded by COVID-19 has accelerated changes already in play at FP, that will shape how we deliver projects. 

Using what we’ve learnt in the fast paced, customer-centric environment of retail project management, we’ve upgraded our approach and services, cross-pollinating our experience as retail specialists to challenge how projects are delivered in other areas – as we transition into a future where retail, leisure, residential and workspace overlap and come together. 

COVID-19 has thrust the advantages of new technologies into the everyday, fast-tracking the opportunity to do things differently, moving from admin-heavy systems to agile and innovative ways of working together. And here at FP, the team are ready to take advantage of this.

This means having a digital-first mindset, to keep you in the loop anytime, anywhere and on any device.  It means collaborating with all sorts of designers – even theatre designers – to create new experiences across residential, retail, work and leisure spaces. 

It also means offering you an “always-on” subscription model, to ensure ease of budgeting and cost certainty. 

Our mission is to bring success to our customers, stakeholders and the communities we work in. This has driven our future-focused mind-set, always starting with the end goal in mind, and cherry-picking from our suite of tools and technologies to provide improvements, reduce costs or accelerate timescales.

We made our name as retail specialists; we are now much more. 

We exist to create amazing spaces at every opportunity and we’re here to help you get exactly where you want to go – to amazing spaces, to the Future.

Ready to create your next amazing space? Future Projects can help. Let’s talk.